The importance of door handle selection
Release time: 2021-10-27
The door handle is a very small part of the door, but it is indeed an important detail that cannot be ignored in the design. A delicate door handle can make the overall space more textured and can greatly express the taste of the owner. In addition, the door handle serves as us The comfort of the parts touched every day is also very important. Therefore, the editor today introduces you to all kinds of door handles, let you understand the importance of door handles.

There are many types of door handles, and their combination with different door panels will produce different matching effects. Some door handles are matched when purchasing the door, but if you want to choose the door handle yourself, you have to match the effect of the handle and the door panel, and consider the position of the door.

1, horizontal door handle

This kind of door handle is also often seen in our daily life. With the continuous development of modern production technology, the style and shape of horizontal door handles are constantly enriched, and various new styles have appeared. It has a lock tongue and will make a sound when it is opened. Generally, the door lock is opened by pressing down. Some door handles can also be locked by lifting up, but this design is easy to cause false locks, so it is now like this The design is not commonly used anymore. Horizontal door handles are moderately priced and are more suitable for most families.

2, round head lock door handle

This kind of door handle is a relatively common style. It has a latch and will make a sound when it is opened. Generally, the door lock is opened by rotating. Due to the low price, the market price is about 100 yuan, which is suitable for Many families use it. However, this kind of door lock has a simple shape and is not suitable as a door handle for a door.

3, push-pull door handle

The push-pull type door handle breaks through the traditional push-down method of opening the door. Instead, the door is opened by pushing and pulling back and forth. The door handles are equipped with built-in hinges to make the outside of the door panel flat and beautiful. But the price of a sliding door handle is more expensive, generally around 700 to 1,000 yuan.

4, magnetic door handle

Magnetic door handles have become popular in recent years. They have no lock tongue and can be quiet and silent when opened, and they are also equipped with embedded hinges to ensure that the surface of the door panel is flat. At present, most of the magnetic door handles on the market are imported brands, so the price is relatively high.

There are many types of door handles in addition to the above four, and the quality is different, you need to pay attention to the overall style of the door panel and the style of home decoration during the purchase process.
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