How to choose the right cabinet hinge?
Release time: 2021-10-27
When buying cabinets, not only should pay attention to the quality and brand of the cabinets, but also some hardware accessories.
The current hinges can generally meet the needs, and are mainly divided into two-point card positions and three-point card positions. In comparison, the three-point card position is better than the two-point card position hinge. Most hinges on the market are detachable and consist of a base and a buckle. When buying a cabinet, you can ask the salesperson to remove the door panel to see the internal structure of the hinge. Cold-rolled steel is mostly used to make hinges because of its good thickness and hardness, and it takes a long time to use.

In addition, when choosing cabinet hinges, you can also look for some brands. For example, Ferrari and Blum are relatively well-known brands, and the quality is much higher than that of domestic ones. However, the price is also more expensive.

Cabinet hinge: including movable arm, hollow arm, locking device, cover plate and adjusting bolt. The movable arm is provided with a base, the base is provided with a locking device, and the hollow arm is provided with a through cavity adapted to the base. Between the movable arm base and the cover plate, the locking device is limited on the base of the movable arm, an adjusting bolt connection is arranged between the cover plate and the base, and the bottom of the hollow arm is provided with a limiting protrusion corresponding to The movable arm base of the limit protrusion is provided with a sliding groove. The movable arm is provided with a limit groove. The limit groove extends into the base and passes through the sliding groove. The limit groove corresponds to the position of the sliding groove. There is a movable limit block and its return spring, the limit block extends out of the limit groove outside the base, and the limit block is also provided with a through groove that matches the width of the chute, so the utility model has It can rotate 360 degrees and has the advantages of convenient and simple installation.
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